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Wireless Expertise
     You Can Count On

Our Services

Fixed & Mobile Wireless Broadband

We partner with, sell, configure, install and support several manufacturers of fixed and mobile wireless broadband equipment. We are experienced with Cambium Networks, Tarana, Telrad, Radwin, Airspan & Mimosa.

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Backhaul

Backhauls are critical to your network's performance and reliability. We can ensure that paths get designed to meet uptime requirements, coordinate FCC licensing, configure radios and assist with path alignment.

Turnkey System Integration

Big project? Short staffed? We can lend a hand. We can verify the BOM, set the cabinets, configure gear, coordinate electricians & tower crews and make sure your project goes off without a hitch while allowing you to focus on what you need to.

Support Services You Can Count On

On-demand or on-contract, we have your back. We can be that extra set of eyes when things get sideways or be that life raft in the event of staff turnover.

Let us help you navigate the wireless landscape

Wireless can be a complex world out there but we can help you navigate through the smoke and mirrors and help tailor a solution that best fits your needs for your network's specific needs.

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