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Single Source Solutions

WiSP can provide turn-key installation of your next wireless project — no matter the size. WiSP has the experience and resources to manage your project from concept to completion.

LTE Network Solutions

At WiSP, we understand operators have diverse connectivity needs, however, we all face the same challenges in building successful, forward-moving companies that continue to grow and prosper. With the exploding trend toward LTE, we serve our customers by providing an LTE solution that is future-proof and flexible.

Hosted LTE Core

Let WiSP handle the intricacies of managing the EPC while eliminating the need for you to make a large up-front investment.

Our split-core system let's you reap the benefits of not purchasing your own EPC while allowing you to egress your subscribers' traffic out of YOUR data center!

LTE Migration

It can be a challenge to map the transition from an existing legacy deployment to LTE. Operators are left with the question, “How do we transition from yesterday's technology to that of the future?" WiSP Services' team of experts is here to guide you in all of your wireless endeavors.

System Integration & Support

Don't have the staff to coordinate projects in-house? No problem. Let WiSP handle the mundane details. From site selection to lease acquisition to coordinating the tower crews, WiSP has your back.

We also offer support contracts. Put your mind at ease by getting your team the support they need when they need it.

Microwave Backhaul

Don't let a lack of fiber optic plant halt your plans to deploy a site. Today's microwave backhauls are capable of delivering over a gigabit of IP connectivity over them.


Microwave is also a great way to add redundancy to your existing plant!

Intelligent WiFi Solutions

Tired of spotty coverage or resetting that infernal access point in the closet? Ruckus Wireless makes the most reliable access points on the market today that provide the highest connection quality to your end users.


The RG Nets gateway provides self-subscription, monetization, and advertising services for your network.

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