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Wireless Expertise
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See how WiSP Services can help support your connectivity mission.

How can we help?

WiSP Services is a VAR & Integrator of many best-of-breed wireless products on the market today. We can design, source, install and support a number of solutions for your network.

  • Point-to-MultiPoint Systems

  • CPE & Managed Routers

  • Routing & Switching Hardware

  • WiFi Access Points

  • Point-to-Point Links

  • Path Calc & FCC Licensing

  • Propagation Mapping

  • Up-fitted Cabinets

  • DC Power Systems

  • Batteries

  • Hybrid DC/Fiber Cable

  • Surge Suppression

  • Tower Hardware

  • Installation Accessories

Fixed Wireless Broadband

We can help get your subscribers connected with the right technology for your deployment scenario. With multiple hardware vendors, we'll ensure we choose the right fit for your network's needs.

Multi-Gigabit 60GHz Mesh Solutions

If you need multi-gigabit connectivity and super low latency without the fiber in the ground, 60GHz mesh solutions can get you the connectivity you need.

Installation Supplies

RJ45s, surge arrestors, custom fiber jumpers, SFPs, pipe-to-pipe clamps and everything in between to deploy your network.

Microwave Backhaul

From path-calc to licensing to implementation, we can make reliable backhaul a reality in your network by using licensed microwave & millimeter wave backhaul technology.

Indoor & Outdoor WiFi

Whether it's your office, an MDU, a campground or an eRate opportunity - we can help get you the right WiFi & LAN switching solutions in place.

System Support

We bridge the gap between manufacturer installation guides and operating a network in the real world. From greenfield deployments to that dumpster fire no one wants to touch - we got your back.

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