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Siklu MultiHaul R2.0 Released

MultiHaul™ R2.0 was released on December the 18th, 2017 for MultiHaul™ B100 & T200 to improve the radio performance and to allow rapid deployments of large networks with very light touch.

Other benefits of R2.0 include:

  • Improved gigabit coverage - R2 SW improves the availability of gigabit capacity over MultiHaul™ medium and long links. Siklu Link Budget Calculator was updated to reflect this improvement.

  • Auto-provisioning - allows touch-free early configuration of a terminal unit (TU) by storing its configuration in the base unit (BU), which will synchronize the TU upon its connection, or reconnection.

  • Enhanced network security - MultiHaul™ units can block their Ethernet ports until the connected device is authenticated using the IEEE 802.1x protocol and with the assistance of a centralized server, providing an additional layer of network security with no effort.

Version MH R2.0 is also a recommended upgrade for existing networks. The software version file, release notes, user manual and software upgrade procedure can be found on Siklu partners’ portal.

If you are an existing Siklu customer and do not have access to the firmware files, please contact WiSP Services!

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