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Not Your Father’s Wireless Backhaul

Over the years, wireless backhaul became plagued with a stigma – one of low bandwidth and low reliability. Because of this, many wireline companies still dismiss the value that wireless backhaul links can bring to a network.

Today’s wireless backhaul radios are capable of carrying anything from 50 Megabits all the way up to 5 Gigabits of throughput. They use a variety of frequencies including unlicensed channels in the 5GHz, 24GHz, 60Ghz and 80GHz bands and licensed channels in the 6GHz, 11GHz and 18GHz bands. Link distances can vary from 100 meters to 20+ miles with latency of 1ms or less.

Microwave backhaul can fit most any need for connectivity, as long as ‘Line of Sight’ exists between the endpoints. Our clients leverage the technology in scenarios such as: temporary connectivity for events, high capacity Internet connections for homes and businesses, short-term connectivity to subscribers in-queue to have fiber optic connectivity built to their location, and permanent backhaul solutions to remote tower sites.

So the next time the phrase “we don’t have plant there” comes up, consider wireless backhaul. The quick buildout times and low cost per mile to deploy might just help you generate more revenue and connect clients you may not have otherwise been able to connect.

Cambium Networks PTP820S - Capable of 600+ Mbit of Throughput

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