Airspan has been at the forefront of developing new wireless standards. Furthermore, by creating in-house expertise in 4G, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP, Airspan is able to exploit synergies and come up with innovative products and solutions that closely integrate these technologies in the most beneficial ways for customers.
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Ruckus Wireless makes Simply Better Wireless. Carrier grade WiFi for enterprise and service providers.
Alpha Wireless is a manufacturer of base station antennas for LTE and WiMax.
Cradlepoint Authorized Reseller
Siklu mm Wave Certified Partner and Reseller
RG Nets Revenue Extraction Gateway for WiFi, Wired, or Wireless Networks. L7 Gateway, DPI, DHCP, AAA, RADIUS, NAT, Routing in one box.
Transtector Surge Arrestor Authorized Reseller

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