Cambium Networks is introducing the PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module (SM). This is the latest generation of 5 GHz PMP 450 Subscriber Module. It brings enhanced performance to the platform for a lower total cost of ownership compared to using a reflector dish or connectorized SM coupled with an external antenna. The robust integrated IP 67 packaging eliminates points of failure, improving durability and reliability, and accelerating installation times by technicians.

Main Features:
• Wide band support – The 450b supports 4900-5925 MHz in the same SKU.
• Gigabit Ethernet port
• Integrated 24 dBi reflector dish
• 3.5 mm audio alignment tone jack
• IP 67 environmental protection
• Can provide throughputs of more than 250 Mbps

NOTE: The 450b High Gain is sold in 4-pack kits only.

5 GHz 450b – High Gain Wideband SM (4 pack)

SKU: C050045H012A
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