NDTA TOC Show - May 8-10

TOC will be here before you know it! Make sure to get yourself registered for the 2018 NDTA TOC Conference & Showcase! What can you exp

WPA2 & WPA3: The New, The Changed, The Future

Original article from The Ruckus Room: http://bit.ly/2oTKloD In a double-tap move, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced enhancements to the WPA2 protocol and more details about its eventual successor, WPA3. Others discussing this announcement have alluded to the WPA/WPA2 vulnerabilities revealed last year at the Black Hat USA Conference and more widely in October 2017. The truth is that WPA2 was introduced 14 years ago. Not only is it “getting long in the tooth,” but with quantum computers on the horizon, there is a real need for a fully tested and implemented quantum-safe cryptography. WPA2 Enhancements The first enhancement is designed to help validate the reduction of potential vulnerabilitie

Save Big on Cambium PTP820S!

Customers who purchase a PTP 820S wide channel link with the 650 Mbps capacity keys get a total of $800 off ($400 per capacity key). OR Customers who purchase a PTP 820S narrow channel link with the 500 Mbps capacity keys get a total of $600 off ($300 per capacity key). Offer Expires June 30, 2018.

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